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Class Recordings

Activity 1: FSBO Fortunes

Prospecting Homes that are Being Sold By Owner is an Easy and Effective Way to Get More Listings. All FSBOs Want to Sell and Most List With a REALTOR® Before They Do. Let’s Make Sure that REALTOR® is You! This activity based training teaches agents how to use easy scripts to set appointments with FSBO sellers and then list properties at realistic prices by demonstrating expertise on the appointment and educating sellers. Leads provided, FREE (Click to get FSBO leads).

Activity 2: Turning Renters Into Buyers

The majority of renters would prefer to own a home, but they don’t believe they can for many reasons. Typically, if they can afford their current rent and are qualified to lease, they will qualify to buy a home that would have a mortgage payment comparable to their current rent. This Activity-based Training teaches REALTORS® to find those potential buyers while showing the rental community that you are the agent of choice for 1st time buyers. Students will be provided (upon request to the office admin) with flyers to take with them when prospecting rentals door to door "Turning Renters Into Buyers."

Activity 3: Nationwide Open Houses

Holding Open Houses is one of the fastest ways to increase your name and brand awareness throughout local communities. This Activity-based Training teaches REALTORS® to hold an open house like no other that will generate buyers and sellers while making your name a household name in the marketplace. Johnny says if he had to choose only one method of prospecting to do for the rest of his career, this would be it. Learn what makes a Johnny Loewy Open House different from all the rest.

Activity 4: Breaking Into High-End Homes

Break into high dollar homes! Break into the high dollar market listing homes that is! Homeowners with nicer homes are typically savvy with their investments, and in choosing who handles their investments. Learn what to say to pique their interest, set an appointment, and break in to the Luxury Home Market. Don't be intimidated, these luxury homeowners may need to up or down size, or may need to build their investment portfolio, but either way, they need us to help them. Prospect with Johnny and learn the tricks of the trade.

Activity 5: Reviving Expireds & Withdrawns

The owners of expired and withdrawn listings are often frustrated, but most still need or want to sell. This Activity-based Training teaches REALTORS® to use highly effective scripts to set appointments with the owners of expired and withdrawn listings, and on those appointments show how you are different from all the other agents in the market. Agents will learn to educate sellers about pricing and market conditions so sellers feel comfortable relisting their home. (Click to get FREE Expired Leads)

Chapter 1: Planning for Success

The real estate industry makes millionaires, but making millions isn't supposed to be easy. Whatever your income goals are, the REACT Training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve and surpass those goals, but with two conditions;

  1. You have to want it bad enough
  2. You have to work hard enough

In this class you'll learn how many contacts you need to make each day to achieve your goals. It's easier than you think! Plan for Success and it will come!.

Chapter 2: Selling the Market Value

Determining and Selling Value through a Comparative Market Analysis is a Long Standing Practice in the Real Estate Profession. Whether You Are Discussing Sale Price with a Seller or Offer Price with a Buyer, Your Ability to Accurately Determine the Market Value is Only Half the Job. More Important is the Ability to Show the Client How You Determined that Value so they Understand the Value is Accurate and Feel Comfortable with the Price, Whether Selling or Buying. In this class you'll learn to do a CMA in a way the client can understand and be involved in determining value. If you're tired of arguing with sellers over price, take this class and solve the communication barrier.

Chapter 3: The Psychology Of Listing

You’ve got to list to last in the real estate business. Learn the secrets to giving listing presentations that lead to an easy supply listings. This two day camp will make you a listing master. First, learn to build rapport with clients and find the need. Next, you'll learn to deliver a branded, professional, highly polished listing presentation. The presentation is provided to you in PowerPoint and is ready for customization. Finally, learn to overcome objections and leave with the listing on first appointment with full commission.

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Chapter 4: Marketing Listings to the Extreme

Listings are like money in the bank, but only if they sell. Learn how to effectively market your listings for faster sales & better prices! This class will show you how to write amazing listing descriptions, ensure your pictures show the flow of the home, and make your listings stand out amongst their competition so you sell your listings fast! Align Right Realty provides you all the tools you need to be a great listing agent; let's get those listings SOLD!

Chapter 5: Capturing Lead Calls

You can't sell a home over the phone, but you can set an appointment. Learn the art of converting a lead call in to an appointment. Most agents are order takers but Johnny will teach you how to control the direction of your conversation with lead calls so you convert 99% of your lead calls in to actual appointments. Learn an art that will make you millions.

Chapter 6: Hooking Internet Leads

More than 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for a home, and almost 70% of those potential clients search on a mobile device. Why then, do less than 5% of internet leads turn in to appointments for the average agent? In this class, you will learn how to respond to internet leads and increase your conversion rate to as much as 60%! Never settle for average, when you can be exceptional!

Chapter 7: Closing Buyers in One Appointment

Buyers mean quick cash if you can get them to sign. Learn the essentials of working with buyers to contract more homes in less time! We will show you his tried and true techniques to get buyers to make a decision to purchase on the first day of home shopping after seeing five homes or less. If each buyer takes less time, you can work more buyers and make more money!

Chapter 8: Perception is Reality

If you want to sell a product, first you must sell yourself. Personal marketing is essential to your business. What's the perception about you in your marketplace?  Learn to make yourself look great in internet & print from a marketing guru! From professional biographies to personal brochures, this course will build your real estate reputation.

Website: Overview of CRM & Website Editor

Get an overview of the Align Right Realty consumer facing website on a company level, office level, and agent level. Learn to set up and use your CRM to include contact imports, calendar, marketing tools, and more. Finally, learn how to edit and personalize your website. You can add your bio, add pages, add jump searches, and more. Maximize your online presence today!

Website: Lead Rules & Action Plans

Set up automatic "Action Plans" (aka Drip Emails) to send to your contacts based on the "Lead Rules" you set. Whatever your tech expertise level is, you can do this. Learn to preview and edit (only if you want to) the existing action plans, or create your own from scratch if you prefer. Then create lead categories and set action plans to send on auto-pilot based on website interactions. You can also set Action Plans for existing groups of contacts.

Website: Best Practices - Register Contacts in CRM App and Share Consumer Home Search App

Watch this slide deck to learn best practices for 1) Adding contacts to your CRM, 2) Registering them as contacts so they can search your website and mobile app, and 3) Share the mobile app with them. Go at your own pace with this self guided tutorial.

Accessing Free Lead Sources (Landvoice, Offrs, Cole Realty Resource)

Want free leads? Watch this! During this class you'll learn to 1) Log in to your CRM, 2) Set up your CRM to be notified about leads, 3) Access Landvoice for FSBO, Expired, and Pre-Foreclosure leads, 4) Access Offrs for a second source of FSBO, Expired, and Pre-Foreclosure leads, and 5) Access Cole Realty Resource for Neighborhood Searchs and Reverse Address Searches.

Paradym Talking Tours & Social Media Management

The Paradym Software makes you look like a social media rockstar with very little effort on your part. Learn to use Paradym to 1) automatically create talking tours of your listings, 2) Push automatic content to your social media on a schedule you choose, 3) Push original content to social media. Follow along with this video to set up your account and make the most of it. If social media isn't your thing, no problem! We've paid Paradym to provide you with a tech assistant to help you get all set up, no matter what level your tech skills are at.